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When Digital Humanities Meet Artificial Intelligence

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Fostered by the creation of new algorithms, computation power and the development of deep learning techniques, Artificial Intelligence needs constantly to confront new issues and data sets in order to deepen its methodologies and increase its range of scientific applications. Digital humanities, developing digital science methodologies in the study of humanities and using the critical approaches of humanities in the analysis of the contemporary “digital revolutions”, are constantly in search of new tools to explore more and more complex and diversified data sets.

The coupling AI/DH is globally emerging as one key interface for both domains and will probably prove to be a deep transformative trend in tomorrow intellectual world.

The ambition of this seminar is to be one of the places where this coupling is shaped, fostered and analyzed. It intends to offer a forum where both communities, understood in a very inclusive way, exchange around emerging issues, ongoing projects, and past experiences in order to build a common language, a shared space, and to encourage innovative cooperation on the long run.

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February 16, 2021, 12:00-14:00, room (online, link).
Marc Smith, Oumayma Bounou (École nationale des chartes)
Title: Filigranes pour tous: Historical watermarks recognition
Abstract: We developed a web application to identify a watermark from a simple smartphone photograph by matching it to a corresponding watermark design from a database with more than 16000 designs. After describing the deep learning based recognition method that was built upon the approach of Shen et al, we will present our web application which not only can be used for watermark recognition, but can also serve as a crowdsourcing platform aiming to be enriched by its users.
- Xi Shen, Ilaria Pastrolin, Oumayma Bounou, Spyros Gidaris, Marc Smith, Olivier Poncet, Mathieu Aubry, Large-Scale Historical Watermark Recognition: dataset and a new consistency-based approach, ICPR 2020
- Oumayma Bounou, Tom Monnier, Ilaria Pastrolin, Xi Shen, Christine Bénévent, Marie-Françoise Limon-Bonnet, François Bougard, Mathieu Aubry, Marc Smith, Olivier Poncet, Pierre-Guillaume Raverdy, A Web Application for Watermark Recognition, JDMDH 2020
- Humanity/Filigranes pour tous
- Computer Vision
- Web application

March 16, 2021, 12:00-14:00, room (online, link).
Stavros Lazaris and Alexandre Guilbaud (CNRS and Sorbonne Université)
Title: VHS
Abstract: ??

April 13, 2021, TBA, room online (link TBA).
TBA (??)
Title: ??
Abstract: ??

May 11, 2021, TBA, room online (link TBA).
TBA (??)
Title: ??
Abstract: ??

June 8, 2021, TBA, room online (link TBA).
TBA (??)
Title: ??
Abstract: ??

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